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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two turkeys...

Two turkeys were having a walk in Donáti utca a few days ago, when they saw our restaurant and decided to come in. Asking to have a look, Nigel, with his usual savoir faire, started to show them the restaurant, the wine list and the special menu for turkeys.
In the meantime Giuseppe, with his usual savoir faire, was speaking with Mrs V. about organising for her a nice family christmas party at Mascalzone Latino.
Mrs V. asked for a very big stuffed turkey traditional of that in England on Christmas day with sage, onion and chestnut stuffing.
For a more succulent turkey and better service, Giuseppe suggested to the lady that probably two smaller turkeys could be much better than one bigger. Mrs V. agreed to this proposal, she said good bye and she left.
So Giuseppe said to Nigel to offer a tea or some corn to the two plumed visitors and also to show them the heart of the restaurant... the kitchen and especially the butchery... They said yes and very happy they stepped into the kitchen... and...
It happens when some birds meet with the "It...alien Chef" and the "Terminator of Dorset"!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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